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Garage Door Track Repair

Is your overhead door off tracks? Are the tracks bent? Call us to help with such problems. We repair garage door tracks in Kanata, Ontario. Our techs come to your place equipped with all tools they need in order to fix the problem. Are the rollers responsible for the problem? Our pros can take care of them too. Do you want to replace either the Garage Door Tracks Kanatarollers or tracks? Consider it done. At Garage Door Repair Kanata, we don’t waste time. When you need us, we come to cover your service needs in a jiffy.

We offer prompt garage door tracks repair

What can happen to the garage door tracks? They can actually get bent or misaligned. They may also get completely damaged. Wear and tear doesn’t only come with old age. Your tracks might get dented due to roller damage or because they are hit with something heavy. If their surface is scratched, they will get corroded.

The next question is which the effects of damaged tracks are! If they are dented or out of alignment, the garage door rollers will make noise or come off. The door might jam or bind. In turn, such problems will compromise your safety and surely the security of your property. So, give us a call if you hear loud noises, the door is jammed, or has come off tracks. We provide same day garage door tracks repair in Kanata.

If you need garage door tracks replacement, call our team

Most of the times, bent garage door tracks can be fixed. But sometimes, tracks are too damaged to be repaired correctly. If tracks are dented beyond repair or rusty, they should be replaced. Call us. We offer:

  • Garage door tracks replacement
  • Misaligned tracks service
  • Bent track repair
  • Door off tracks repair
  • Garage door roller replacement

We check garage door tracks and rollers thoroughly during maintenance. They might need tightening. The tracks need cleaning since debris causes trouble to movement. We will also lubricate them so that the rollers will move smoothly and the noise will be eliminated. Call us to take good care of your Kanata garage door tracks today.

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