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Garage Door Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your garage door for long? We, at Garage Door Repair Kanata, can help you with that. Experienced in residential doors and the most innovative opener systems in Ontario, our technicians can thoroughly maintain your door and keep it running for long. The benefits of our garage door maintenance in Kanata are limitless. Since we check and take care of literally everything, we guarantee safe operation, convenient access and secure homes. Aren’t these the reasons you invested in strong doors in the first place? Let us assist you keep your investments in excellent shape.Garage Door Maintenance Kanata

Why should you invest in our garage door maintenance?

You have two good reasons for relying on our garage door maintenance service in Kanata. The first one is related to the overall advantages of maintenance. The second has to do with our expertise and ability to fix doors and openers properly. Our technicians don’t know what sloppy work is. We maintain in order to keep you safe and this happens by offering garage door adjustment, lubrication, repairs, inspections and troubleshooting. Our work is meticulous.

What are the basic steps of our maintenance service?

* Inspection. We check to get to know your door, its weak parts, the way it moves and what needs to be done.

* Garage door troubleshooting. There are usually problems with the doors and that’s what we are trying to find out. What’s wrong and with which part. Then we fix it.

* Adjustments. We adjust the springs and the opener settings in order to ensure door balance, and full opening and closing travel. We also align tracks and sensors.

* Fastener repair. Rusty fasteners change and the remaining ones are tightened so that the door won’t shake or make noise.

* Lubrication. All parts made of steel are lubricated. Lubricants keep them from getting scratched, rusty and noisy.

As an overall, we fix all parts and make sure the door moves fine. If some of the parts are in bad condition, we simply let you know and we can certainly replace them with your permission. Trust our Kanata garage door maintenance and enjoy your door every day.

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